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I'm starting here.

Posted by mrsgreshcakes@gmail.com on December 19, 2017 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (170)

The mind of a cake designer is complex, yet simple all at once. We want to create amazing cakes that blow people's minds and get lots of feedback, but yet we want to still have time to be creative and learn. For me, there's another layer, and that's sharing my passion with those who are crazy enough to hop on the ride with me. Because caking is definitely a crazy ride!

Caking isn't easy. It's unpredictable, labor intensive, challenging, messy and frustrating at times. Sounds fun, right? Actually, it is. Caking is also fulfilling, exciting, invigorating and amazing way to connect to people. That's why I cake. That's why I bake. That's why I decorate. I crave the adrenaline rush as it comes down to wire, and it does come down to the wire more times than not. I feel incomplete if I'm not being creative. I miss the chaos and the excitement. But mostly, I miss hearing how our cakes (or cookies or cupcakes or cake pops) absolutely made someone's celebration perfect. I get so excited when I'm told that our cakes were the star of the show.

My husband (who is truly my rock) is always telling me to WRITE IT DOWN! I have a horrible habit of trying to figure things out in my head when I have to think 10 steps ahead. Successful caking requires a sense of design and color, but even more so demands that you can stop and start on a dime, kicking into problem solving mode without blinking an eye, and thinking those 10 steps ahead all of the time. Can you see now why my hubby is constantly pushing me to get my thoughts down on paper?

Which is what brought me here. A blog. It's something I've always thought about but never took the next step. I've stumbled upon some great caking blogs recently and they're so enjoyable to read. These bloggers are real people with genuine thoughts who run into the same failures and successes that I do. I immediately felt connected. I also felt the need to "pay it forward". So, this is my first step in that direction.

My hope for this blog is that it gives other readers feelings of familiarity and comrodery. I would love for readers of this blog to laugh out loud, then silently knod in understanding. Because there's one more aspect to caking that I haven't touched yet... and that's the amount of myself that goesinto every cake. Every cake I make, every cupcake, cookie or cake pop that leaves our studio, is heartfelt. I pour all of myself into my designs. It's emotional sometimes too. And that emotion is what I hope to convey.

So that's the blog, or at least what I want this blog to be. Until next week-ish. :-)