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Sugar Cookies...

Who doesn't love those amazingly colorful and detailed sugar cookies?  They're great,  until you bite into them.  Most decorated sugar cookies are either too dry, or the icing is too hard, putting a damper on the cookie experience.

Sweets By Design custom sugar cookies are not only amazing to look at, but they taste fantastic!  Our cookie dough is tender and flavorful, not too sweet, and holds its shape.  And our icing... well that's fantastic too!  It dries to allow for transport or additional decoration, but when you take a bit, it's soft on the inside.  The perfect sugar cookie!

Sugar cookie flavors include:

  • Classic Sugar
  • Brown Sugar Cinnamon
  • Lemon Zest
  • Orange Cardamom
  • Chocolate

Cookie Pricing...

Because our cookies are 100% custom made and decorated, there isn't a set price per cookie.  Our cookie prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the design.  The average cookie price is $3.25-5.00 a cookie (minimum one dozen order).  You'll typically get 2-3 colors and a specific design element included in that price.  More complex designs, additional over-piping, use of more colors or additional design elements are typically $1.00 a cookie per addition.  Contact us for specific cookie pricing for your next event... you'll be so happy you did!