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Weddings and Formal Events

Wedding Cakes

Our wedding cake program is easy to understand and takes the guess work out of planning this part of your event.  Wedding cakes start at $4.50 a serving for buttercream cakes and $5.50 a serving for fondant finished cakes standard cake, fillings and frosting selections.

Our wedding cake tiers are 4" tall and are four layers of cake and three layers of filling, giving you an elegant look.   But as you can see in the photo to the left, your cake design is only limited by your imagination.  Tiers can be shorter or taller than standard height, depending on your design. 

Sugar flowers or fresh flowers can be added to enhance your theme.  We can also include faux tiers which can give your cake a grand, elegant look without wasting cake (bottom tier in photo shown is a faux tier with gumpaste ribbon roses).

Click here to download our Wedding Brochure.

Cake Tastings

We enjoy the look on our customers faces when they see our creations, but rarely do we get to experience the joy that comes over them when they take a bite of their cake or dessert.  Which is why cake tastings are truly one of those aspects of cake design we look forward to.  

Our cake tastings are different than most.  And while we don't want to let too much slip and ruin the surprise, we can say that they are very interactive and allow you to be as creative as you want to be in your flavor selections.  Cake tastings are also where we usually discuss design and event details to get a true sense of what you are looking for in a Sweets By Design creation.

Our cake tastings are $28.00 for two people and include the following:

  • Cakes:  Chocolate, Vanilla, Marble, and one deluxe flavor
  • Fillings:  Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Mousse, Tart Lemon Curd, Raspberry Preserves and Guava Curd
  • Frostings:  Vanilla, Chocolate, Espresso and Strawberry

Other flavors are available for purchase in either cupcake form or 8" rounds.  Pricing for these flavors can be found on our Flavor Menu page.  Cake tastings are typically done on in the evenings on Mondays and Tuesdays, or on the weekends as our schedule allows.  A minimum one week lead time is required for all tastings.  Tasting appointments are subject to our current availability.  If you would like to book a cake tasting, please click here to be taken to our Web Store to purchase your tasting.  Once purchased, we will contact you within 48 hours of payment to schedule your tasting and forward your our questionnaire.

You can also contact us directly at (408) 766-CAKE (2253) or at mrsgreshcakes@gmail.com to schedule and pay for a cake tasting immediately.

Custom Cake Toppers

One of the hottest trends today in wedding cakes is custom cake toppers.  Our cake toppers are very unique and designed to your exact specifications.  Whether it's hand modeled figurines or crystal encrusted monograms, we create designs that are show stopping.

Custom cake toppers are priced by the project.

Sugar Flowers and Gumpaste Design

Creating sugar flowers and gumpaste designs is a passion of ours.  We truly enjoy the reaction we get when customers look at our flowers and ask which floral shop we bought them from, only to tell them that they are sugar.  The reaction is priceless!

The beauty of sugar flowers and other gumpaste designs is that they can be coordinated to your specific color, style or design.  They also hold up extremely well in hot or humid environments and can be kept long after your event.  Made entire by hand, no two are the same.  The detail we put into these designs is beyond compare, and your guests will be amazed that they aren't real.

Custom sugar flowers and gumpaste designs are priced by the project.


We also offer molded chocolates and truffles which can be used to tell your guests "thank you" for sharing this day with us.  We have a variety of themed chocolate molds for solid chocolate confections.  These can be custom colored and flavored to your specifications.  

Our studio also proudly offers artisan truffles.  Our truffles are made with only the finest chocolate and ganache.  Our ganache is smooth, luxurious and can be flavored with liquors or gourmet oils. 

The chocolate shell is perfectly tempered and has that distinctive "crack" sound when you bite into it, telling you that this little piece of heaven is of superior quality.

Favors can be packaged for you in a variety of ways and again, designed so they enhance your event.